Gordons' 2014 Summer Concerts

            You've Arrived! Gordons' 2014 Summer Concerts!
This season has been great and it continues!
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The Summer Concert Series is presented FREE to the public by the County of Los Alamos
and the businesses, professionals, and neighbors listed in Sponsors.

The Series is coordinated and managed by Russ Gordon of Gordons' Concerts of Los Alamos, New Mexico. This series of Friday evening concerts-in-the-park spans the summer from late May into early September and is held at various locations around the county.

Each year thousands of residents and visitors take advantage of our beautiful park venues, pull up a lawn chair, and enjoy an eclectic variety of talent from rock to blues, jazz, country, Latin, Americana, African & World rhythms and more, including Russian Rokenroll. Don't miss it!

A Special "Thank You!"

Dear Friends:

The 2014 Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series is off to a GREAT start! This past Friday night was one of our largest turnouts ever! The new stage is terrific.

Russ and I want to send out heartfelt thanks to the County of Los Alamos and all the merchants, businesses, organizations, and individuals that have given us the support that makes the Series possible, in the way of donations of funds, services, and goods; countless hours of volunteered time and energy; and the kind words of encouragement and appreciation that help keep Russ energized when the going is tough! We also want to thank EVERYone involved in the successful 2014 Annual LACSCS fundraiser.

It's difficult to express what all your support means to us. Truly, without your generosity, loyalty, and encouragement, the summer music scene, as we now know it, would cease. Surprisingly, there are many people who don't realize the shows are quite expensive, and that they are paid for by the County of Los Alamos, Gordons' Concerts, and the public's donations. The Series is produced, of course, by Russ of Gordons' Concerts, Inc.

The Concert Series schedule—on fliers, posters, in the newspaper, and online—lists sponsors to whom the concert-going community owes many thanks for Friday nights of music and family fun in the Summer time. Let me say again that without this support, there would not BE a LACSCS! Please show them your appreciation by giving them your business! Whenever possible, take a minute to let the proprietors know how much you value their contribution to the Summer Concert Series.

Let me now say to our sponsors, including the County, thank you so VERY much, on behalf of the Gordon family and Gordons' Concerts, Inc., for all that you do to keep the Los Alamos County Summer Concert Series dream alive and rockin'!


Deborah Gordon
What People Are Saying:

Ana Padilla from Santa Fe said:

Good evening Russ. Thanks again for such a fun concert in such an awesome venue Friday night. It felt like the mountain was absorbing the music and sending it right back to us to enjoy. A good time was had by all.

Cathy Stanhope wrote:

You make LA Rock, with all the great bands and music you bring into town. Looks like alot more at Ashleys Pond—love that place. Thanks for all your hard work to make this happen!
Dear Russ Gordon,

I just wanted to let you know how much your concerts mean to Los Alamos. You are a local celebrity and legend, because you, more than anyone else, have joined community and music to bring everyone together.

Amazing concerts aside I just wanted to let you know that I have known you since Gordon's was an arcade and ice cream shop in White Rock. My little brother beat The Ninja Turtles Arcade game at Gordon's when he was about 7 with a single roll of quarters and those were some of the best times of my life. When you moved to Los Alamos, I was sad to see the games and ice cream go, but in my teenage years, I always knew I could walk in, hum a few bars, and you could figure out the track and have the CD in for me within days.

I live in London now, and constantly wish there was a Gordon's here (I'm so terrible with artist and song names!) I just felt that, in case no one ever told you, you should know what you mean to the community.

Thanks for everything!

Samantha (Clay) Eldridge
Class of 2002
Hi there,

I try to drive up to Los Alamos on Friday afternoons for the concert and to see my son.

It is such a pleasure to join the Los Alamos community every Friday night—I was there Friday night on June 15th for The Police Experience. Great concert!

Thanks for the a lovely evening.

Jessie Gaylor


All concerts begin at 7pm unless otherwise noted. BRING A LAWN CHAIR.


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