If you need the most ideal audio and video experience in your home theater, there is no preferable source over Blu-ray Disks truth be told, nothing else rises to the super-sharp video and marvelous audio you get from Blu-ray.

However, there are numerous questions about how to interface a Blu-ray player for ideal execution as well as how to connect blu ray player audio to older av receivers.


The most ideal approach to interface a Blu-ray player to the remainder of your system is additionally the easiest a solitary HDMI cable from the player’s HDMI yield to one of the HDMI contributions on you’re A/V receiver or preamp/processor. (Obviously, you’ll additionally interface the HDMI yield from the AVR or pre/ace to the TV.)

If you do not have pre/professional or an AVR, you can associate the player’s HDMI yield simply to the TV or connecting blu ray to av receiver, however you won’t hear the full benefit of Blu-ray’s lossless audio formats, that use to be called Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio.

You won’t hear encompass sound, just 2-channel audio from the TV’s ordinarily lousy internal speakers.

Av receivers

If you should make use of a HDMI cable longer than that, spending more on a high-grade cable may stay away from things like flashing purposes of light in the picture known as “sparklies.”

Most suggestions for the greatest HDMI cable length are 15 to 20 feet, however a few makers guarantee their cables will work fine and dandy with longer lengths, and we’ve utilized 25-foot Monster cables effectively.

If you should run a long cable, you’ll have to invest in a system that changes over HDMI to coax cable or optical fiber and back to HDMI at the opposite end.

In the event that you have a 3D-proficient Blu-ray player, AVR or pre/professional, and TV, the HDMI connection is actually equivalent to describe previously.

However, if the AVR or pre/expert isn’t 3D-fit that is, it can’t pass 3D signals from the player to the TV you’ll need to interface the player’s HDMI yield legitimately to the TV’s HDMI input in the event that you need to watch 3D content.

Shouldn’t something be said about the audio all things considered?

A couple of better quality Blu-ray players with blu ray surround sound have two HDMI yields for simply such a circumstance one is associated with the TV and the other is associated with the AVR or pre/star, which decodes the audio.

For players with one HDMI yield, the best arrangement is a gadget called a HDMI splitter, which acknowledges one HDMI info and parts it to two yields, one of which goes to the TV while the different goes to the AVR or pre/ace.

In any case, be cautious a few splitters, particularly more seasoned models, won’t pass 3D signals. You can likewise observed splitters that pass video reliably however not audio.